Thursday, January 24, 2008

Legion of Super-Heroes

I picked up Legion of Super-Heroes #37 as I dropped Amazing Spider-Man due to the stupid stuff that Joe Quesada had said about "One More Day". Making a decision to drop it and replace it with a DC book, I chose the Legion as it was a new creative team coming on, and I liked the old issues Jim Shooter wrote as a kid, and the art inside looked great.

The issue was good fun, and Francis Manapul has got some pretty good chops, so it looks like the book will be a keeper for a little while. Shooter isn't 13 anymore, but he still seems to think that comics are supposed to be fun, and his writing reflects that thus far. Plots are set up, action scenes are there, characters are introduced without it having to be spelled out for you, and the book ended having both said something and leading into the next issue.

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