Monday, November 22, 2010

Judge Dredd

First look at Karl Urban (Red, Lord of the Rings) as JD.

Cue "I-Yam-deh-Law!"!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Green Lantern

The trailer is out, finally.

I think it looks pretty cool. Is it Batman cool? I dunno, but the suit looks better in motion than early photos suggested, and Ryan Reynolds can carry a movie. I also spotted Kilowog, witch is pretty sweet. Was the bad guy in that trailer Sinestro? I couldn't tell just on looks alone.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Expozine 2010

Risa and I went to Montreal's Expozine yesterday.

Expozine is an independent press and 'zine fair. They usually have a lot of cool magazines, comics, art prints and books for sale.

We went last year and had fun, but this year it was just the two of us, as the rest of our gang couldn't make it at the same time as us.

  • It was less crowded
  • It smelled less of damp wool and beard oil (it was raining last year, and the place was packed)
  • There were more comics
  • The booths are still overly crowded
  • There were less prints for sale
  • It oddly felt more corporate
  • Too many people there were there just to be seen
We were there for about an hour, bought a few prints, Risa got a book, and we left.

Joey and Emily from "A Softer World" were there, and I inadvertently brought up some painful memories about Joey's ex-girlfriend before I bought a print (of this strip) and moved on.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Captain America: Movie

CBR has some great hi-res pics from the set of the Captain America movie. Go check them out.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Kick-Ass 2 #1

Story by: Mark Millar
Art by: John Romita Jr., Tom Palmer
Colors by: Dean White
Letters by: Chris Eliopoulos
Cover by: John Romita Jr.

Kick-Ass 2 picks right up where Kick-Ass left off.

Sort of.

It takes elements from the previous comic volume (he did not get the girl, she wants nothing to do with him) and parts of the movie (Hit Girl lives with Marcus now, and not her mother, as was stated in the comics) and just runs with it.

This issue reads a little bit like an epilogue to the previous series, with a few new things tossed in, most notable the introduction of a new hero team.

I expect many in this hero team to be dead by the end of this series.

for my tastes, I like Kick-Ass when it's running on all cylinders. It needs to throttle up and really take things to another level, and so far, this new issue is really just more of the same as what came before. I'm not saying it needs a Gatling-gun rocket-pack, but it needs a little more "oumph", a little more ass kicking.

JRjr is great, as always. The special feature pages showing his breakdowns, the inking process and then the colours was pretty neat, especially in a single issue (as I'd normally find stuff like that in a trade paperback), so props to that.

In any case, more Kick-Ass means a greater likelihood of a sequel movie, and I'd be down with that.

Avengers #6

I just finished reading Avengers #6 last night. It's been a busy week with all the Halloween festivities going on and what not. But I sat down to read this book and now, writing about it, I'm not sure hoe I feel about it.

I'll say this, it is most definitely the 6th and final book in a story arc. This story really felt as if it was written for the trade, wrapping up the story with Kang the Conqueror breaking the timestream and the Avengers winning the day and saving all life as we know it. I just don't think I like the way they did it.

They did it by begging.

Hardly a great conclusion to the first story in "The Heroic Age", is it?

Iron Man and the Avengers begged Ultron to lose a fight and save the universe.


I feel bad, because the thing Bendis does best, dialogue and banter, is great in this title. JRjr is always amazing on the pencils. The books reads very well and looks very nice, but still, 6 issues in, and 24$ in the hole, I feel like it might not have been a bad idea to have the Avengers kick off the heroic age of heroes with a better victory than begging Ultron for understanding and trust.

I don't know what to do with this book. the new 3.99$ price point is a lot higher than I really feel comfortable with, and the book just took me for 6 issues to a place where I just feel *bleh*. I mean, it's not like I finished the epic tale of time and war saying "They begged the murder robot to take a dive? That is sooooo cool!" I think this one is going to get dropped from my pull list when next I get to the comic shop.