Monday, November 15, 2010

Expozine 2010

Risa and I went to Montreal's Expozine yesterday.

Expozine is an independent press and 'zine fair. They usually have a lot of cool magazines, comics, art prints and books for sale.

We went last year and had fun, but this year it was just the two of us, as the rest of our gang couldn't make it at the same time as us.

  • It was less crowded
  • It smelled less of damp wool and beard oil (it was raining last year, and the place was packed)
  • There were more comics
  • The booths are still overly crowded
  • There were less prints for sale
  • It oddly felt more corporate
  • Too many people there were there just to be seen
We were there for about an hour, bought a few prints, Risa got a book, and we left.

Joey and Emily from "A Softer World" were there, and I inadvertently brought up some painful memories about Joey's ex-girlfriend before I bought a print (of this strip) and moved on.

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