Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fantastic Four - Millar and Hitch

I was looking to add a new title to my pull list a few months ago, and the promise of what Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch would bring to the Fantastic Four seemed almost a sure thing. I mean, after all, this was the creative team that brought together the first Ultimates book, and are generally at the tops of the list for quality comics.

Three issues in, however, I'm less than impressed.

Hitch's art is fine, I guess, if not a little static. Three issues in, and he's finally been given a big fight scene to draw, and it ends up being clunky and cluttered. It was a let down, especially when compared to his Ultimates work.

Millar, who usually is able to weave a nice mix of drama and action, but in this run, it's more melodrama along the lines of a reality television show. Johnny Storm is even in the process of setting one up as a side-plot.

Basically, I've bought three issues and haven't felt at all that I've gotten my money's worth. This book is gonna be dropped from my list as soon as I get back to the shop.

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