Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is Cillian Murphy the new "That Guy" of Geekdom?

Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.
28 Days Later.

What's the connecting factor there?

Cillian Murphy was in all these movies.

Two of the biggest sci-fi movies of the last 5 years (aside from Avatar, of course, which was huge), the best Superhero movies, and the definitive zombie movie of our generation, Cillian Murphy has really made a case to be the new "it" guy for sci-fi awesomeness.

Plus, as my friend Keith puts it, "And he's dreamy."

Seriously, does he just have the best agent in the biz? He's landed some pretty choice roles in the geek film world.

Or maybe he's just a nerd himself. I read once that Christian Slater was a huge Star Trek fan, that he crossed studio lots to get a small cameo in "Star Trek VI", so I suppose it's possible. It's not like his parts in The Dark Knight and Tron were huge, but he was in them none the less.

Looking at his IMDB profile, he's got a few more sci-fi themed flicks on their way to the silver screen. A world where no one ages, A world decimated by disease, and a playwright whose work comes to life.

Sure, he's not Tron or Batman, but Cillian Murphy really is getting his geek on.

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