Friday, April 29, 2011

Superman: Global Citizen - (The World has Gone Mad)

Superman is no longer an American.

The internet is now ablaze.

Look at some of these comments from the Comics Alliance article:
  • robo: One more reason why I will never buy another DC comic again. Marvel is almost as bad. News flash: Liberalism is bad for business you morons.
  • Eggman: The great thing about America as of the posting, is that I can decide where to spend my money, and it won't be with DC anymore. This PC crap is enough to make me vomit.
  • Charlie X: Yet another perversion of an American institution by a group of Liberal Socialist "New World Order" turncoats who I think might find a more illuminated point of view if they moved away from this country and its freedoms. They continue to try and rot America from the inside and attack everything patriotic. Enough Already!
Wow. There are hundreds more posts like this, just on Comics Alliance alone.

Bleeding cool has collected a bunch of
comments from pros in the business. These are a few of my favs:

  • Ethan Van Sciver: I just recommend a letter writing campaign, now that DC Comics has letters columns again, demanding to see Superman carrying an American flag into space again. Let the editors know it matters to you that Superman remains an American icon. They’ll listen.
  • Stephen Wacker Got some angry letters today from people mad at Marvel about what we did to Superman.
  • Dan Lawlis: Is there any doubt the comic book industry is dominated by Godless anti-American leftwing extremists? No. And this is exactly why I don’t miss working in the comic book field.

  • Ethan Van Sciver continues to be one of the least likable people I've ever met in the comics field, and basically alienates me further as a non-American comic book reader. Steve Wacker's comment, however, was comedy gold.

    Comments on the internet are crazy and they are everywhere.

    On the LA Times Article:
    • More leftist garbage from an America-hating clown who happens to be a comic book "author"...nothing like comic books to teach kids how to hate America like punks such as him already do. Posted by: Verballistic

    USA Today:
    • Oyster P: So now the liberal pukes have their hand in one of the best comics out there. That's one way to brainwash the minds of our youth to their American hating ways.
    • Steelbird: If this happens, I will be renouncing Action-Comics. Not one penny of my money will go to ANY of their products. Leftist pigs!!!!!!

    (I'm going to say wow a lot, in this piece, I think. People on the internet are amazing me today.)

    The Washington Examiner's Christian Tappe has these...opinionated words to share in his op-ed article:

    "Superman will be renouncing his U.S. Citizenship. Because apparently comic books still exist and people still read them I guess.

    Regardless of circulation and readership, the Man of Steel, will no longer be America’s own, but rather a citizen of the world.

    As the scintillating and super realistic dialogue of the comic says, “The world’s to small, too connected—which is why I intend to speak before the United Nations tomorrow and inform them that I’m renouncing my U.S. citizenship.” Some guy who I don’t know then answers incredulously and profoundly, “What?” And then Superman responds: “I’m tired of having my actions construed as instruments of U.S. policy.”

    This drastic decision was brought about because for some reason Superman was in Iran helping out non-violent protestors or something like that.

    On the one hand, whatever. It’s a comic. And, um, Superman is an illegal alien anyway, literally. And, again, it’s a comic.

    On the other hand, Superman is—or at least was—an American icon, standing up for truth, justice, and the American Way. And while America succumbs to a multiculturalism where morals and tradition are generally rendered moot, Superman stood for a code, and honor, and goodness. He represented everything great about America: strength, conviction, and unwavering principles."

    Again, wow.

    Here's the thing that gets me the most. The people who hate this story, the one who hate it the most, these are the same people that hate the current government in the U.S. They're the ones who call their own president a Commie and a traitor and say that America is going to hell in a hand basket. They spew such anti-American sentiment themselves...and when a fictional comic book character says, "Yeah, I'm not gonna represent the U.S." they lose their minds.

    Even better is the fact that there are people who demand that the president of the U.S. show them his birth certificate while at the same time hate the fact that the last son of Krypton is no longer identifying as American.

    Fox News, somehow, manages to be pretty relaxed in their reporting of the story. That's a little surprising, but it's okay. They have their comments section to balance it out.

    • patriotshammer : LOOK, up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, No it's a Can O' SPAM.... What has happened to our heroes of our childhood??? Hollywood has neutered all of these Heroes, fortunately we still have Heroes in Our Servicemen and Women... I Love My Country, but loathe my Gov't, for what it has done to denigrate this Nation to the world!!! VOTE CONSERVATIVE IN 2012!!!
    • savage_eagle : Good bye superman............take all the pretenders in Californica with you please !
    • dlkyk : Superman, whose next??? Sad that some progressive writer needs to beat up any country.
    This one is my favorite comment from the Fox site:
    • john_q_militia : Superman = GAY.

    Now, I know that this is not all Americans that think this way (or don't think at all). I know that. But there are so many of you that are on the internet writing about how mad you are that you disagree with Superman that I just had to write about it. Because it's ridiculous. To those people that are writing these comments and feeling this indignation, you sound like petulant children. Stop it. Stop it an go to your room until you're ready to come out and behave yourselves. You are embarrassing yourselves, and your ancestors would be ashamed of you. Stop acting out like spoiled, rotten little kids, stop being bullies and brats, and just chill the fuck out.

    You're making your whole damned country look bad, and when you do that, it upsets me, because it inevitably spills over into mine.


    John Q. Public said...

    The thing that I think is so bad about this is that it is so out of character for Superman to do this. I understand he's a fictional character, but what would his fictional parents think? Jonathan and Martha Kent would be giving him an earful right about now! I personally believe that Superman just wouldn't give up like this. He's more the type to try and change the system within the rules, and not just abandon the system altogether. It speaks to a lack of character, which just doesn't fit with Superman. Anyways, maybe you disagree. That's your right. And maybe what I've said doesn't ring true with you. That's okay too. But I get the feeling that you can understand the sentiment. And that's what I'm looking for from the writers of Superman... an understanding of the character and an understanding of his audience.

    Scott said...

    I do sort of disagree. I mean, this is a man who strives for freedom and honour in a country that a)abandoned Gotham City b) elected Lex Luthor c) sanctioned the Suicide Squad.

    And on and on.

    The US in the DCU is sort of a terrible place to live. I'm sure that Supes thought about it plenty.