Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cable & Deadpool: Bob

I'll admit, I've been picking up the latest issues of Cable & Deadpool based mainly on the excellent cover art of Skottie Young (who also draws with a PC tablet on not on paper, which is cool), but there's more to this book that the cover.

Like Bob, Agent of Hydra, who is the most awesome character to emerge this year. He's right up there with Scott Pilgrim in terms of awesome-ness. Bob is an agent who is captured by Deadpool and is eventually named lackey and he haplessly follows Wade around on his missions. In the latest story arc, Bob tags along as Deadpool infiltrates the same Hydra base that Wolverine is attacking in order to save a friend Hydra had captured. Bob's constant apologies to his former coworkers as he follows in Deadpool's wake is solid gold. Solid. Gold.

A tip of the hat to you, Fabian Nicieza, for creating the breakout character of 2007.

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