Monday, October 1, 2007

Showcase: The War that Time Forgot

I've only just picked up the "Showcase: The War that Time Forgot" after having polished off "Showcase: The Haunted Tank", and already I'm loving it.

The basic gist of "The War" is that during the second World War, odd seismic activity is detected on an island of some tactical importance in the Pacific. Two previous recon teams have been sent to investigate, but haven't been heard from since. This time, they drop paratroopers and armoured weaponry to get some answers to the questions "What is causing the earthquakes?" and "What happened to our other men?".

The answer is solid gold:


No, really, the Army fights Dinosaurs on a Pacific island in the middle of WWII.

I swear, this book is so good. The Army, stranded on an island, vs dinosaurs. To say nothing of the fine art by Ross Andru (of Spider-man fame), the writing of Robert Kanigher is as inspired as it is insane. The troopers take on a T-Rex with a tank, shoot down a Pteranadon with an anti-aircraft flak cannon, and use plastic explosives to free their sub from a sea-creature. And that's just in the first two issues. It's wacky and more, and it's written as if it were a completely serious war story.

More to come on this, I'm sure. I'll offer up some of the choice dialog later on.

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