Thursday, October 11, 2007

Was the Hulk Gay?

How odd is my life that this came up in conversation amongst my friends last night?

Taken from the Wiki article:

"...according to Stan Lee, Universal changed the name because the name "Bruce Banner" sounds like a "gay character" name, and "David Banner" sounded better for the character. (However, "Bruce" was used as his middle name, as that was the case in the comics, except in the comics his first name is "Robert," not "David.")"

My pal Keith was nonplussed at my recounting this fact, saying "He's a big, muscled guy who rips out of his clothing and runs around in his underwear." which of course leads me to believe Keith has never really known any gay people, or if he has, has known very scary and odd gay people.

In any case, I think that Bruce is a perfectly honest name, with no sexuality implied either way. I also think the 70's were an odd time.


Shade said...

I thought the name Bruce meant you were Australian... Or a philosipher

Uta said...

Well said.

Fanboy Wife said...