Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Scott Pilgrim vol.4

I had been sitting on this purchase for a while, just waiting for the right moment to crack it open and enjoy it. Scott Pilgrim has been one of my favorite books to read over the past couple of years, so the much anticipated new volume couldn't be wasted by reading it while on the can, so I waited until I had an evening free just to myself to really sit back and enjoy it.

Now, it hurts me to say this but, while the evening itself was quite relaxing and nice, the actual book left me a little flat. Not to say that it's not better than 80% of what's out there, but this edition just seemed too introspective,too caught up in all the little pieces of the story rather than pushing the pacing forward. I usually have this great feeling of anticipation reading Scott Pilgrim, and this time around, it was missing, and then, just like that, the book was over.

Bryan Lee O'Malley has created a great cast of characters, and I get that he's trying to give everyone their screen time, but I just feel that it should be more organic to the narrative, and not merely scenes written to feature characters. Every scene should more the story forward, and scenes that don't should be trimmed, or else, you end up with the comic equivalent of an art house film; pretty looking, but unsatisfying.

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