Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Showcase: Sgt. Rock

Finishing off the triple threat of DC war comics, after “The War That Time Forgot” and “The Haunted Tank”, I picked up “Sgt. Rock”. Of the three, this is the one that I was the least nervous about diving into, as the great Joe Kubert is really at his best when he's working on Sgt. Rock and the Easy Company, and even in the black and white Showcase format, his pages still look great.

The one thing I am really enjoying, both in this book and the other war books, is the fantastic examples of compressed storytelling that is on display. Ten, fifteen pages, and the tale has solid characters, efficient drama, and a sound conclusion. Reading this in contrast to the books that are coming out monthly is really illustrating the trend away from self-contained tales in modern comics, and it makes me a little sad that this type of story is nearly extinct.

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