Monday, August 23, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

You know, I waited a very long time to see this movie.

I was very nervous about it as the development went forward. People were cast and promotional photos were revealed. When I heard it was going to star Michael Cera, I let out a veritable "Hunh. Really?" but I was not really put off the project.

When the trailer came out, I was pretty excited, too. I watched it a few times over, just hungry for more.

Well, I saw it last week, and I was not disappointed. It was what I had hoped it to be, and a little more. Michael Cera was a little bit different than how Scott Pilgrim is to me when I read the books, but he was okay. The rest of the casting was pretty awesome, though. Keiran Culkin as Wallace Wells was especially inspired (though it didn't hurt that he was given some of the best lines of dialogue), and the way that Kim Pine (pictured) and Young Neil looked on screen was spot on.

It's a little sad that the movie isn't doing amazing in the box office, but I also understand that the movie itself is probably terrifying and confusing to most people over the age of 45. I don't mean it to be disparaging, but if you've never really understood how video games appeal to you, then this movie is going to weird you out. It's hard to express this properly, but if you weren't raised on Nintendo, much of the appeal of this movie (and plot, I think) will just be lost on you.

(As an aside, I was watching a movie the other day, something from the 70's or 80's, and I was thinking "This is stupid. This would never happen now because of the mighty power of cellphones.")

Anyway. Scott Pilgrim vs The World delivers. Go see it. It's pretty awesome.

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