Monday, September 13, 2010

Montreal Comicon

Marisa and I went to the Montreal Comicon yesterday. It was at Place Bonaventure, and was only 15$, so we decided to check it out.

We were both a little sad about missing FanExpo, but then we started to hear about the mass over-crowding and long, long lines that Toronto suffered through, so we decided it wasn't such a bad thing that we missed out. Montreal has a smaller con, so we decided just to check it out for a few hours.

It was very low key, as far as cons go. It was also very dealer heavy. Lots of vendors tables. It was also a little crowded, but mostly because of the layout of the tables. They aisles were not wide enough to accommodate people stopped at a table and people trying to walk by. There was alittle too much pushing and shoving for my tastes, especially when I was being shoved by a woman who was using her baby and carriage as a ram to make her way through the crowd.

On the upsides, the con was following the Toronto con for a lot of vendors, and sales were plentiful. I got some nice, hard cover trades for 5-10$. Yay for good sales. I got a nice DC Archives edition of The Teen Titans for 10 bucks.

I also met Larry Hama, and commissioned a sketch from him of Destro, which is pretty damned awesome. Saw Darrick Robertson for a bit, too, and caught glimpses of Brent Spiner, Billy Dee Williams, and Elvira.

All in all, it was a positive experience. I felt like I got good value for the price of admission, and there were no lines anywhere to meet the guests.

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