Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quick Links - February 10th

This has been making the rounds for a bit, as Olly Moss tries to bake you see things.

A few more images are out for "X-Men: First Class". I have always dug the Xavier Institute logo.

The Joes and Cobra are both gearing up to fight zombies. I read "Infestation #1" last week, mostly on a lark, and I am gearing up to call this the worst cross-over of the year. Yes, I am aware it's February. IDW really jumps on the zombie-bandwagon 4 years too late, and while zombie vs Ghostbusters is mildly interesting, It goes downhill from there. Vs Joes? Eh, okay. Vs Star Trek? Just beam them into space. Vs Transformers?!? Really IDW? Really?

Moving on...
The Cool Kids Table has a look at April's coolest comic covers. Art Adams? Travis Charest? Darick Robertson draws Conan? Eric Powell and Mike Mignola? April is a good month for comic covers.

Todd Klein talks about typography and lettering in regards to iconic Comic logos over at CBR.
Neil Gaiman celebrates 10 years of his blog. Yay for creators and their interaction with fans.

Thank you Superdickery for this gem:

That's very...Wow, Superman. You get rid of that cross.

Lastly, Peter David threw up a few hours ago.

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Moonstruckfancy said...

Wow. Didn't expect that from Superman. ^_^