Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quick Links - February 1st

  • CBR has a good piece on Bane, so you can get to know the character before he appears in the next Chris Nolan Bat-film.

"...they spent so much time in their youth launching the magazine, that they didn’t get to develop the correct range of inter-personal skills and emotions necessary to make people not hate you."

  • Comics Alliance talks about who was cast as Superman for the next movie. I don't watch "The Tudors", so I have no opinion yet.


Anonymous said...

Hey, nice. Lotsa Wizard talk, I kinda enjoyed the article you linked to. It's sad, in a way. Kinda like when a relative who's approaching 100 passes. Sad, but expected.

Scott said...

I am not sad "Wizard" is gone, so much as I am sad that the big comic book magazine is gone.