Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Movie: The Woman In Black

I don't often get excited for horror movies, and especially not lately, but I caught the trailer for "The Woman in Black" on television the other day, and it looked pretty damned awesome.

This is the trailer:

I'm not a fan of the "torture porn" horror that has dominated the last decade or so. I like tha Saw movies, but stuff like Hostel just leaves me cold. This flick looks full on creepy with a few bits of action and jumps.

Then, I saw this faux-vintage poster:
It only serves to make me more excited for this film. Dan Radcliffe seems like a good call for this part, and turn of the 20th century settings just add to the awesomeness. I am looking forward to this one, which is coming out on February the 3rd.

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