Monday, January 23, 2012

Movie: Wonder Woman

Just a quick post today. The wife and I watched the "Wonder Woman" animated feature on television last night. (Teletoon has been playing the DC animated movies on Sunday evenings as of late), and I wanted to drop a quick review.

It was good.

We both liked the movie, and I found that they did a good job of making Wonder Woman a character that was both approachable and tough, interesting and well-rounded. They then took this character and placed her in a plot that had good action, a few cool fights, and some humour to balance things out.

Wonder Woman is a character that is difficult to get right, (many have tried and failed) so I was interested in seeing how this movie would work. They stuck to canon as much as they could (though they did cut out Hippolyta's time with the Justice Society), and told a pretty good origin story for Diana. They also used Steve Trevor (WW's boyfriend from the golden age of comics) which was interesting, since no one knows about Steve Trevor, at least not in a Lois Lane/Mary Jane Watson kind of way.

Lastly, there was an odd amount of sexual humour and cheesecake in the movie. The wife and I both laughed at it, so it was actually funny, but I suppose the fact that it was there at all was strange and amusing.

In the end, the flick was fun action with a good grasp of the character. Watch it.

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