Monday, October 18, 2010

Was the Hulk Gay? - Follow Up

I get a lot of hits on this blog through this post: "Was The Hulk Gay?", which is this weird little story about why Bruce Banner's name was changed to David Banner for the TV show.

(I am referring to the Bill Bixby David Banner, and not the David Banner rap artist who I first discovered in Def Jam's "Fight for NY II" on the XBox. If I was a rapper, I know I'd want to be named after Bill Bixby.)

(Also, David Banner's end-fight taunt from "Fight for NY" is easily the most awesome and most confusing taunt of that game.)

(I have to share it: "I'm from the M I crooked letter, cooked letter I crooked letter, crooked letter I humpback, humpback I make em all die!" That is solid gold, my friends. I love that game.)

Back to the point at hand, I would like to hope that people finding the old post in question are having a similar discussion with their idiot friends. I would really like to think that, because the alternatives are that people a typing "Hulk" and "Gay" together into Google and are not happy to see the irreverant little anecdote from the 70's.

Even if that is the case, I hope they at least read the post before diving back into the gutters of the internet.

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Fanboy Wife said...

I get some upsetting word search combinations that lead to by blog though. Nothing about the Hulk's sexuality though; it’s usually “anorexic strippers” or “big breast comics.”